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TODO File Reference

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#define TODO_LIST

Define Documentation

#define TODO_LIST

  • implement "make doc"; use autoconf to check doxygen availability file)
  • implement jf_truncate (a function to truncate the size of a journaled file
  • implement jf_flush (a function for flushing buffer content and show current journaled file content to external apps)
  • thread support with different flags:
    • shared/exclusive writes
    • dirty/clean reads
    and locks at journal level
  • can jf_journal_scan and his sons cleaned up? Is "forward" direction really used? Since jf_journal_cold_recovery it may be "forward" is never used (only backward). If possible, clean-up code
  • optimize jf_fetch_record retrieving only redo/undo data, not redo & undo (save memory and CPU time)
  • multiple atomic commit/rollback passing a list of jf_file objects
  • C++ wrapper implemented as "header only": jf.hpp
  • Python module
  • Perl module
  • Microsoft Windows C++ 6.0 build tools
  • Substiture "realloc" with "free/malloc" when content does not have to be preserved (free/malloc may be faster because they does not copy content in the event of a different chunk)
  • Support for MAC OS style file (LFCR for new line ?) ???
  • Support for unicode text files
  • Support for UTF-8 text files
  • Substitute ordered array with a search tree in "jf_cache_file" class
  • Automatic (test bug) program generation: every API writes a piece of program can be offline compiled to reproduce exactly all library call
Definition at line 33 of file TODO.

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