libjf API reference guide

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libjf File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
_template.c [code]
jf_bench.c [code]
jf_cache_file.c [code]
jf_cache_file.h [code]
jf_config.h [code]
jf_crash_simul.c [code]
jf_crash_simul.h [code]
jf_create.c [code]
jf_defines.h [code]
jf_errors.c [code]
jf_errors.h [code]
jf_file.c [code]
jf_file.h [code]
jf_join.c [code]
jf_journal.c [code]
jf_journal.h [code]
jf_journal_cold_recovery.c [code]
jf_journal_cold_recovery.h [code]
jf_journal_file.c [code]
jf_journal_file.h [code]
jf_journal_file_tab.c [code]
jf_journal_file_tab.h [code]
jf_journal_recovery.c [code]
jf_journal_recovery.h [code]
jf_journal_util.c [code]
jf_journal_util.h [code]
jf_leave.c [code]
jf_patches.c [code]
jf_patches.h [code]
jf_recind_list.c [code]
jf_recind_list.h [code]
jf_recind_pool.c [code]
jf_recind_pool.h [code]
jf_recind_seq.c [code]
jf_recind_seq.h [code]
jf_recover.c [code]
jf_rename.c [code]
jf_report.c [code]
jf_timer.c [code]
jf_timer.h [code]
jf_trace.c [code]
jf_trace.h [code]
jf_utils.c [code]
jf_utils.h [code]
jf_wrappers.h [code]
template.c [code]
template.h [code]
TODO [code]

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