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bench_test_func_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * descr
bench_func_post_t ljf_post
bench_func_pre_t ljf_pre
bench_func_run_t ljf_run
double ratio_multiplier
bench_func_post_t sio_post
bench_func_pre_t sio_pre
bench_func_run_t sio_run

Field Documentation

const char* bench_test_func_s::descr

Definition at line 269 of file jf_bench.c.

bench_func_post_t bench_test_func_s::ljf_post

Definition at line 273 of file jf_bench.c.

bench_func_pre_t bench_test_func_s::ljf_pre

Definition at line 271 of file jf_bench.c.

bench_func_run_t bench_test_func_s::ljf_run

Definition at line 272 of file jf_bench.c.

double bench_test_func_s::ratio_multiplier

Definition at line 270 of file jf_bench.c.

Referenced by bench_test_results_report().

bench_func_post_t bench_test_func_s::sio_post

Definition at line 276 of file jf_bench.c.

bench_func_pre_t bench_test_func_s::sio_pre

Definition at line 274 of file jf_bench.c.

bench_func_run_t bench_test_func_s::sio_run

Definition at line 275 of file jf_bench.c.

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