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jf_cache_file_elem_s Struct Reference

#include <jf_cache_file.h>

Data Fields

jf_cache_file_range_s range

Detailed Description

This is the basic cache record: a jf_cache_file_t object map a physical file with an array of cache records; the following rule applies: elem.first(i + 1) = elem.last(i) + 1 mapping elements does NOT overlap

Definition at line 94 of file jf_cache_file.h.

Field Documentation

byte_t* jf_cache_file_elem_s::data

Cache data; if NULL, this piece of journaled file is not memory mapped Definition at line 103 of file jf_cache_file.h.

Referenced by jf_cache_file_chunk_get_content(), jf_cache_file_chunk_is_used(), jf_cache_file_chunk_prepare(), jf_cache_file_chunk_set_content(), jf_cache_file_destroy(), jf_cache_file_get_free_ranges(), jf_cache_file_get_used_ranges(), jf_cache_file_init(), jf_cache_file_merge(), jf_cache_file_resize(), jf_cache_file_split(), and jf_cache_file_trace().

struct jf_cache_file_range_s jf_cache_file_elem_s::range

Range the record applies to (first byte, last byte) Definition at line 98 of file jf_cache_file.h.

Referenced by jf_cache_file_chunk_get_range(), jf_cache_file_chunk_get_size(), jf_cache_file_chunk_prepare(), jf_cache_file_chunk_set_content(), jf_cache_file_get_free_ranges(), jf_cache_file_get_last_pos(), jf_cache_file_get_used_ranges(), jf_cache_file_init(), jf_cache_file_merge(), jf_cache_file_resize(), jf_cache_file_search_hint(), jf_cache_file_set_content(), jf_cache_file_set_last_pos(), jf_cache_file_split(), and jf_cache_file_trace().

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