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jf_journal_file_t Struct Reference

#include <jf_journal_file.h>

Data Fields

int all_in_cache
jf_cache_file_t cache_file
char * file_path
jf_offset_t last_pos
jf_offset_t last_size
jf_offset_t last_uc_pos
jf_offset_t last_uc_size
uint32_t open_mode
uint32_t status
FILE * stream

Detailed Description

This object is used to code a journaled file inside a journal (jf_journal_file_tab_t) object

Definition at line 157 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Field Documentation

int jf_journal_file_t::all_in_cache

If TRUE, all the "redo data" are in cache (fast rollback can performed simply discarding cache content); if FALSE, some data was already dumped to journal and a rollback record is necessary for this journaled file Definition at line 204 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_get_all_in_cache(), jf_journal_file_init(), jf_journal_file_reset(), and jf_journal_file_set_all_in_cache().

jf_cache_file_t jf_journal_file_t::cache_file

Cache file associated to journaled file: it used to keep updates and save useless journal synchronizations Definition at line 197 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_create(), jf_journal_file_destroy(), jf_journal_file_get_cache_file(), jf_journal_file_init(), jf_journal_file_reset(), jf_journal_file_set_cache_file(), jf_journal_file_set_options(), and jf_journal_file_tab_restore().

char* jf_journal_file_t::file_path

Filesystem path of the journaled file Definition at line 161 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_destroy(), jf_journal_file_get_path(), jf_journal_file_init(), jf_journal_file_reset(), jf_journal_file_set_path(), jf_journal_file_tab_dump(), jf_journal_file_tab_restore(), and jf_journal_file_tab_search().

jf_offset_t jf_journal_file_t::last_pos

Stream position at last commit Definition at line 165 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_get_last_pos(), jf_journal_file_init(), jf_journal_file_set_last_pos(), jf_journal_file_tab_dump(), and jf_journal_file_tab_restore().

jf_offset_t jf_journal_file_t::last_size

Stream size at last commit Definition at line 169 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_get_last_size(), jf_journal_file_init(), jf_journal_file_set_last_size(), jf_journal_file_tab_dump(), and jf_journal_file_tab_restore().

jf_offset_t jf_journal_file_t::last_uc_pos

Stream uncommitted pos: it stores the current stream logical position Definition at line 182 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_get_last_uc_pos(), jf_journal_file_init(), and jf_journal_file_set_last_uc_pos().

jf_offset_t jf_journal_file_t::last_uc_size

Stream uncommitted size: used for append mode, it stores the stream logical size counting committed and uncommitted bytes Definition at line 187 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_get_last_uc_size(), jf_journal_file_init(), and jf_journal_file_set_last_uc_size().

uint32_t jf_journal_file_t::open_mode

Stream open mode, see JF_FILE_OM_WRITE and other JF_FILE_OM_* bit flags Definition at line 192 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_get_open_mode(), jf_journal_file_init(), and jf_journal_file_set_open_mode().

uint32_t jf_journal_file_t::status

Journaled file status: JF_JOURNAL_FILE_ST_OPEN Definition at line 173 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_get_status(), jf_journal_file_init(), jf_journal_file_set_status(), jf_journal_file_tab_dump(), and jf_journal_file_tab_restore().

FILE* jf_journal_file_t::stream

stream associated to journaled file Definition at line 177 of file jf_journal_file.h.

Referenced by jf_journal_file_get_stream(), jf_journal_file_init(), and jf_journal_file_set_stream().

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