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jf_recind_list_t Struct Reference

#include <jf_recind_list.h>

Data Fields

size_t size
jf_word_t uow_type

Detailed Description

Object used to manage a LIST of journal RECord INDexes; a jf_recind_list_t stores reference of journal record of the same unit of work (commit or rollback)

Definition at line 79 of file jf_recind_list.h.

Field Documentation

jf_offset_t* jf_recind_list_t::array

Array used to store indexes of journal records Definition at line 93 of file jf_recind_list.h.

Referenced by jf_recind_list_add(), jf_recind_list_destroy(), jf_recind_list_get_elem(), jf_recind_list_is_safe(), and jf_recind_list_reset().

size_t jf_recind_list_t::size

Number of elements the object is storing (array size) Definition at line 89 of file jf_recind_list.h.

Referenced by jf_recind_list_add(), jf_recind_list_get_elem(), jf_recind_list_get_size(), jf_recind_list_is_safe(), and jf_recind_list_reset().

jf_word_t jf_recind_list_t::uow_type

Unit Of Work type: JF_RECIND_OPER_MUST_COMMIT, JF_RECIND_OPER_MUST_ROLLBACK, JF_RECIND_OPER_UNKNOWN Definition at line 85 of file jf_recind_list.h.

Referenced by jf_recind_list_get_uow_type(), jf_recind_list_reset(), and jf_recind_list_set_uow_type().

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