5.3. jf_rename: rename a journaled file

A journaled file can not be renamed using standard operating system command (mv if you are playing in a UNIX-like environment) because journal must be updated with the new name. Utility program jf_rename has been designed to help you when a journaled file rename must be performed:

tiian@linux:~/tutorial> jf_rename -j jf_tut_foo-journal -n jf_tut_foo-data2 \
> jf_tut_foo-data1
tiian@linux:~/tutorial> jf_report -j jf_tut_foo-journal
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <header magic_number='0x41524153' version='1' file_id_mask='0x38' 
      file_id_mask_shift='3' size_mask='0xffffffc0' size_mask_shift='6' 
      file_size='4194304' file_num='3' rotation_threshold='0.800' 
      ctrl_recs='36' journal_recs='32980' />
  <journaled_file_table max_files='8' number_of_files='2' 
    <file id='0' name='jf_tut_foo-journal' last_pos='32984' last_size='0' 
        status='0' last_uc_pos='0' last_uc_size='32984' stream='0x804b008' />
    <file id='1' name='jf_tut_foo-data2' last_pos='0' last_size='791' 
        status='0' last_uc_pos='0' last_uc_size='0' stream='(nil)' />
    <rollback jrn_rec_off='32980' file_id='0'/>