1.5. Who should use libjf?

In the previous paragraphs we showed some issues can be addressed by a journaling/transactional tool, but why should I use libjf instead of a relational and transactional database?

A DBMS (Data Base Management System) is not only a transactional tool, it's a more powerful object that implies a very different approach to coding, testing, software distribution and system management:

DBMS have a lot of advantages too, especially if your application uses the most advanced features.

Now we can answer our original question: "Who should use libjf?"

If you need transaction support and are not interested in all the advanced features of a DBMS, libjf might be your preferred tool.

If your application needs the features of a relational DBMS and you are thinking to "re-write the wheel" using libjf, libjf is probably not what you are looking for.